July 2020

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Hi welcome to the July food safety newsletter.
As we speak I am glad that using robust risk assessments, food safety, face to face training is making a resurgence after an extensive break.
We are working with a number of large clients resuming their face to face training programmes.

Why face to face you may ask?

I foresee the benefits as follows;-

  • Face to face training gives delegate’s opportunities to explore the subject in a safe environment, asking questions, doing research during the courses and challenging the tutors.

  • Not only do delegates achieve a recognised, transferable qualification, they also get a good general grounding in the subject matter.

  • The delegates are not just tapping buttons endlessly until they get the answer right as with some online courses.

  • Face to face training is tailored to the individual food premises and thus is much more relevant to the delegates involved.

  • Face to face training is seen by the delegates as something that the company has invested not only money but PRECIOUS TIME in and is seen as a development tool for the delegates.

  • It thus provides a general due diligence opportunity that if ever challenged in court could withstand the rigours of the legal system.

  • Some online courses might not provide that breath of knowledge and thus a confidence that we are doing everything to ensure we produce safe food is not achieved.

  • Face to face training is not constrained by the number of computer outlets available at any one time or the technical ability of its employees with regards to computer literacy.

  • Finally face to face training allows a greater number of delegates to be trained at one time, realising cost savings for the company.

Food Safety News

Virtual food hygiene inspections could reduce backlog


This article elaborates on the use of Virtual food safety inspections coming to a food business near you. Would you be ready?

Do you need assistance to get a high food hygiene rating? If so please give Steve a ring on 07967 104042.


Some recent food safety issues that highlight the need for employees to be trained effectively:

  • The link below again demonstrates the impact of poor hygiene training in a East Hull Chinese takeaway (gets zero hygiene score after customer complains)

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