Feb 2020

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Steve Naldrett, director of Ardan Training Consultancy Limited continues to champion “Scores on the doors “

“It is a reasonable indicator of a food premises commitment to food safety. A lot of premises attribute their poor score just to paperwork. This could be true, but the law states that food businesses should have a food safety management system based on the principals of HACCP, so I am afraid paperwork is a must.

“The management process should not be arduous or complicated, in fact the Food Standards Agency have a tool (Free download) to ensure you fulfil your obligations.”

Please contact myself if you need assistance in this area, to ensure your “Score on the door” is 3 or above.

A full list of food premises in your area can be found in the links below. 


Food Safety News

If you do get a low score, you can do something about it very quickly, you can pay for a re-visit once you have sorted any issues out.
One example being the Sleepy Panda in Wrexham which has regained its five star hygiene rating

A food hygiene inspector reveals some secrets

Yes, pest infestations in food outlets is a real thing
Have you ever wondered how the hygiene ratings of restaurants are decided?
If a place is deemed too filthy, or potentially damaging to customers’ and workers’ health, a full inspection report can be led by the Food Standards Agency.
But how does that work?
An anonymous food safety officer (aka food inspector) revealed the dirtiest restaurant secrets to Gloucester live in an interview.
What would you have to find to fail a food premises upon inspection?
There is no pass or fail during inspections. When a business is inspected, any issues identified are separated into three categories – Confidence in Management, Structure and food hygiene practices.
We rate the business on what we actually find on the day of inspection.
A lot of businesses say they will put right anything we tell them to, which is good, however the Food Standards Agency make it very clear on their website - it is up to the Food Business operator to ensure they and their staff follow current legislation and guidance at all times.
This information can easily be found on their website or by going on an Internet search engine. We do offer a paid for advice service if any new food business requests it.
What are the worst things you have seen during your inspections?
Possibly the worst thing officers have seen are pest infestations. There is lots of information on the Food Standards Agency website.
Have you ever been refused entry upon inspection? Furthermore, is carrying out an inspection awkward and what sort of abuse have you received in the past?
We work well with the businesses in the city and are respected so are not refused entry.
If the situation arose we could informally write to the business, we could take a police officer with us or we could apply for a warrant to enter.
Abuse will not be tolerated.
 Ref. https://www.getreading.co.uk/whats-on/food-drink-news/food-hygiene-inspector-reveals-restaurants-17525873
***Look out for the March newsletter where the topic will be Allergens “The threat to food businesses".

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