Jan 2020

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Make the New Year a great year, increasing business and proving to your customers that you produce safe, appealing, quality food. Scores on the doors is a system that allows customers to differentiate between food businesses that hygienically produce safe food from those that cannot prove they do make safe food!

Each business gets inspected periodically and according to many factors including the risk of food businesses causing harm to their customers. The system scores you 0-5 with 5 being excellent and 3 being acceptable. If your business scores below 3 improvement in necessary.

Scores can be raised by taking action on the inspection report you are given. Lots of businesses get low scores because they cannot PROVE they make safe food.

Please get in touch with us if your staff need training, or you need some guidance to ensure you comply with the law with regards to having a simple HACCP system in place (HACCP uses an approach to food safety which concentrates a caterer's attention on the causes of food safety hazards. This allows a caterer to identify and control food safety hazards. The development and implementation of HACCP is a legal requirement for food businesses and does not have to be at all onerous).

Please see examples in the links below

Food Safety News

UK: Health inspector warned hospital that listeria would grow on sandwiches in its broken fridges that were 5C too hot just three days before patient

The problem was found by experts inspecting the kitchen on June 4 and 5 where an environmental health officer said the broken fridges were serving food at illegal temperatures.
A report said the food was a particular risk to anyone with a weakened immune system, such as cancer sufferer Mr Hitchcock.
On June 8 he died after eating one of the pre-packed sandwiches.
Ian Hitchcock, 52, died after eating a pre-packaged sandwich while being treated for cancer at the Royal Derby Hospital last week. His death is being linked to an NHS listeria outbreak which has so far claimed five lives.
In a letter, seen by the BBC, food safety inspector Jayne Hassall said ‘high risk foods’  such as sandwiches were ‘stored outside temperature control due to ineffective
Steve Naldrett Director of Ardan Training Consultancy Ltd said, “Food safety is all about having a food safety management system in place, where the fridge problems identified by food inspectors are routinely remedied before they cause harm.
All food premises by law need to have a HACCP system in place. Please contact us if you feel you need some advice and guidance and training”
The hospital where a cancer patient was killed by a listeria-infected sandwich was warned its fridges were broken and too hot several days before he died, it was revealed in early November..
Ian Hitchcock, 52, died in June after eating a contaminated meal – a scandal that appears to have claimed the lives of six people in the UK this year.
Today it emerged sandwiches at Royal Derby Hospital, where Mr Hitchcock was receiving cancer treatment, were kept in ‘ineffective’ fridges that warmed the food to above 8C – an offence under 2013 food safety laws.

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